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M.B.A Department


Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida

Organizing Workshop on

Intellectual Property Management Skills

On Thursday, 19th January, 2012



Intellectual property (IP) refers to the brainchild of human. Like any physical property, it can be used, sold, licensed, leased and even can be copied and stolen. IP Rights (IPR) help the owner protect his property to prevent its unauthorized use by others.


In today’s breakneck pace of technological advances, nations that have the technological edge (e.g. USA, EU nations) hold a definitive and almost monopolistic advantage.  This is because of the vast amount of intellectual property (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, GIs, etc.) owned by these nations.  These nations have acquired the intellectual properties, which they have, over a period of many decades, and with a very inventor-friendly IP policy of their governments.  As a result, IP industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry globally. The importance of protecting intellectual property rights of inventors has not only the economic and technological significance, but social and strategic implications also.  All in all, it requires a large and highly skilled and thoroughly trained workforce to manage IPRs of a nation. 


80% of US business assets are intangible assets, including intellectual property and patents”. Marshall Phelps, author of Burning the Ships and leader in the patent space.


Value of U.S. intellectual property as estimated by IBM is US $5.5 Trillion Jim Landers. Trouble impending in patent process. The Dallas Morning News, May 1, 2007.


“New York University generated $157 million research related income in 2006”. (Frobes.com LLCTM)


At the end of the workshop you would be able to:

1. Understand key aspects on the Intellectual Property

2. Learn how to protect your billion dollar ideas and Innovations

3. Know how to protect the brand of your company, products and services

4. Have insight on managing patents and other IP

5. Gain insight on economic significance of patent protection

6. Patent procedure from fining to grant in India.

7. Know new career opportunity in IPR for Engineers, Scientists, Technologists, Lawyers, Managers etc. in India and abroad.


“The only thing that keeps us alive is our brilliance. The only way to protect our brilliance is our patents.”

Dr. Edwin Land, 1976, who invented camera.

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