How to Crack JEE Main in 30 days:Last Minutes Preparation Tips | JEE 2020

With hardly a month left for JEE Entrance Exam to be held in January, Engineering aspirants across the country are wondering how to make the effective use of the time left and the way to crack JEE exam in remaining available time.Exams are stressful but they are not impossible. Put the work in and you will see the results.

Joint Entrance Examination is a national level engineering entrance exam that’s acts as a doorway for admission to engineering colleges in India like IITs, NITs, etc. The JEE exam will be conducted in online mode, that is, as a Computer Based Test.

Strategy to Prepare for JEE Entrance Examination:

Set your goal: Whether you actually have a passion for engineering, technology, research or analysis work build a goal for yourself.

  • What’s your target JEE ranking?
  • You may want to jot down your goals and put it up on your desk.

How many hours should study? 

  • Once you start preparing for JEE entrance, the competition is large. You need to organize yourself mentally as well as physically to face this competition.
  • May you have got scored well in your school level examinations by not even spending 20 hours on studies at home but this is not going to be enough with such a enormous competition.
  • You need to scale up your efforts and set a target of 60-65 hours studies every week at home.

Division of schedule:

  • First of all you need to set a timetable and divisions of chapter for Hard, Easy and Medium as per ask in JEE Entrance Examination.
  • You have last remaining days; you can divide days according to subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Everyday plan: Difficult chapter in one subject and easy chapter in 2 subject or  Medium chapters in 2 subject and easy chapter in 1.

 Problem Solving: 

  • While solving question do not straightaway attempt to master the troublesome issue, it will not work. Start with simpler one.
  • In several JEE materials, if the problems are not already classified, then the first few problems are easy, and the last few ones are hard, with the difficulty level gradually increasing. If you do not get a problem, please pay as long as possible to get the solution by yourself.
  • Do not immediately refer to the solution manual you must devote most of the remaining time for the revisions of the things that you know and try to excel in them.

Revision is the King:

  • You should devote most of the remaining time for the revisions of the chapter that you know and try to excel in them.
  • 15–20% of the left over time can be utilized for learning new topics.
  • You must also solve sample paper of all.

Mock Test:

  • The easiest and important method to get into touch with the JEE question pattern is to make yourself undergo the official mock tests.
  • Solve out past year papersas it improves your speed and acts as a rehearsal of the final exam which helps in improving your performance on the final day.
  • Solved much go for 2.5 hr paper in strict manner.

Last Minutes Tips & Tricks for JEE Main preparation:

  • Set small goals and try to achieve them like finishing some fixed chapter in a fixed time.
  • Go through every single concept and topic as fast as possible from your notes to ensure you understand them.
  • Pick out silly mistakes like calculation, wrong interpretation, picking wrong data, filling wrong bubble and many more.
  • Make a charts and paste all on your walls. Read them whenever u get free or before going to bed learning points ,constant values ,equation in maths and formulas in physics and names of compounds, periodic table and reactions in chemistry.
  • If any chapter that you haven’t touched at all, leave them unless they are in the list of important chapters.
  • Allocate separate time for revision, practice and taking mock tests.
  • Don’t burden yourself with too many reference books …
  • Try to keep away from social media for few times and you’ll for sure see the difference in studies.
  • Plan a morning or evening walk as it increases your concentration. Don’t consider it a waste of time as it in fact increases your output. Take small breaks after revising certain portions.

When you prepare yourself with the requisite information and topics, you’ll be competent to get as high as you want. Be optimistic and motivated. Nothing is impossible, start getting ready from this moment itself and give it your best shot!

Everybody is a genius. The best view comes after the hardest climb.

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6 thoughts on “How to Crack JEE Main in 30 days:Last Minutes Preparation Tips | JEE 2020”

  1. Amazing guidance for the student specially the’ last minute tips. ‘ This will really helps them to achieve their goals

  2. Amazing article for the students specially the ‘the last minute tips’ this will really gonna help them to prepare themself for the exam and fullfill their dream.

  3. Amazing guidance for the students specially the ‘last minute tips’ this will really gonna help them in preparation for the exam.

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