Smart India Hackathon: Carnival of Ideas and Innovation

Smart India Hackathon (SIH) is the largest open platform in the world for tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs to start working towards a smarter India now.

SIH challenges participants to solve real-world problems through innovative technological solutions. Since 2017 SIH has been conducted every year in two formats: SIH Hardware and SIH Software.Acing the Smart India Hackathon involves a combination of technical skills, teamwork, creativity, and effective problem-solving.

Sixth Addition of Smart India Hackathon 2023 was announced on 23 August 2023. SIH is a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).  SIH 2023 has an array of 234 problem statements, including 55 hardware challenges and 179 software statements, the event has secured involvement from 26 Central Ministries, 6 State Ministries, and 4 Industry partners.

The themes for SIH 2023 are Blockchain&Cybersecurity, FoodTech& Rural Development, Smart Education, Disaster Management, Robotics and Drones, Clean & Green Technology, Smart Automation, Travel & Tourism, Renewable / Sustainable Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Agriculture,Fitness& Sports, Heritage & Culture, MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech, Miscellaneous,  Smart Vehicles and Toy.

The last date for Idea Submission for senior SIH is September 30, 2023 and grand finale is scheduled from 19th December to 23rd December 2023.

As part of AzadikaAmritMahotsav celebrations, the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and All India Council for Technical Education have identified 47 higher educational institutes/ incubators as Smart India Hackathon nodal centers to house SIH participants and provide a setting for the Smart India hackathon to follow its predetermined and defined framework. Throughout the SIH grand finale, an official appointed by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell will oversee and manage the activities at each nodal location.

Three Teams from Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noidagot selected for Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2023 namely


Team Name: Communicators

Problem Statement: Development of argumentative & alternative Communication (AAC) in Indian Context

Team Name: Roboapsara

Problem Statement: Robotics Device for Birewell Rescue Operation

Team Name: Technoob

Problem Statement:Using existing CCTV network for Crowd management, Crime prevention, and work monitoring using Aliml

Some of the Important things participants need to rememberare:

Apply the judges’ suggestions: If your assessor expressed interest in your work and made some recommendations, you should take note of them and make the necessary adjustments before the next round. The judge gets a positive impression from this.

You are under observation – Someone will be keeping an eye on your team in several centers. It defeats the objective of the hackathon and leaves a negative impression if your entire team sleeps through the night.

Integration is the key.

Creating effective AI models, an efficient backend, or an appealing frontend won’t be the most difficult aspect of your project. It will include gathering everything in one location. If every feature is connected and functional, you will probably outperform the majority of your rivals.

Know how to present:

It’s never a good idea for teammates to present jointly. One colleague speaks first, with the others joining in only when necessary or in response to a judge’s specific technical query.

Bonus: Never give up

No matter what the circumstances, advise is not to underestimate your own worth.

Recall that participating in the Smart India Hackathon is more than just winning; it’s about learning, working together and contributing to worthy solutions.

Although SIH presents many difficulties and problems, there is always a solution. Accept the difficulties, work along with your teammates, and take pleasure in each phase of the procedure.

Test the boundaries of your knowledge and skill set, be prepared to absorb a lot of information, and be willing to accept the outcome.

Wishing you luck


1. How many winners are there in Smart India Hackathon?

For the SIH Senior edition, there is only ONE single winning team for every proposed problem statement.

2. What is the prize money for the Smart India Hackathon?

Amount of prize money to be awarded to each winning team is Rs.100000/- per problem statement.

3. How many centers are there for SIH?

This year, 47 nodal centers were given the agenda of conducting the hackathon PAN India.

4. How many problem statements are there in SIH?

A total of 234 problem statements from different organization, Union Ministries were received.

5. Is Smart India Hackathon online or offline?

Only in pandemic the hackathon was conducted online otherwise SIH always held offline at the nodal centres across the country.

6. How can I participate in Smart India Hackathon?

To participate in Smart India Hackathon, one has to qualify for an internal hackathon of their college.

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