Computer Science Deparment

Computer Science

Studying CSE gives you an immense knowledge about the basic of fundamentals in programming and computational theory which enables you to apply your skills and knowledge to leave your mark in......

180 Seat 4 Years
Electronics and Communication Department

Electronics and Communication

The World seems a small place today, and it has been made possible with the technologies and innovation of the ECE engineers such as Television, Radio, Computers and Mobiles. This Course......

60 Seat 4 Years
Electronics & Computer Deparment

Electronics & Computer

Plunge into this extraordinary cross-discipline program that is a combination of two subjects and explore the future of this AI-based world. Keep in sync with the latest developments across the......

60 Seat 4 Years
Computer Science & IT Deparment

Computer Science & IT

It’s hard to imagine our lives in the absence of Computer science and information technology. Allow your future to be a part of this revolution. Here are some opportunities for you in this......

60 Seat 4 Years
Electrical and Electronics Department

Electrical and Electronics

Electrical Engineering is the backbone of our lives, every device or appliance rely on electricity to operate. Involve yourself in learning the electrical circuits and vast power grids......

30 Seat 4 Years
Information Technology Department

Information Technology

Each and every industry needs the help of Information Technology Engineers as they transform the world by their innovation and keep the world moving. There are enormous numbers of options for......

30 Seat 4 Years
Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the most alive and interesting field of engineering. Engineers designs, manufacture and enhance other existing technologies with the help of physics, thermodynamics and......

60 Seat 4 Years
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

CSE (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning equips student with the skills and knowledge to understand, evaluate and design intelligent machines, software's, or applications.

60 Seat 4 Years
Master of Business Administration


An MBA degree is a post graduate degree that focuses on building leadership skills, learning business principles, offers stronger professional network, opens up opportunities for greater responsibility.....

60 Seat 2 Years
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