Importance of Network Security in Digital World

With the increasing dependency on technology, securing online information and data has become the necessity.  As computer network becomes broader and with an increase in an internet usage, data security and integrity has become one of the most important aspects for every organization.

Why do we need Network Security?

Some of the key reasons for using this technology are:

The entire setup network always needs security from the hackers or the particular attackers.

  • To ensure overall security of external and internal of the organization.
  • For protecting all the information from any kind ofunauthorized access or loss.

Network Security Engineer Job Responsibilities :

Network Security Engineers are responsible for making the system as secure as possible as they have multifaceted responsibilities. They are responsible for various tasks related to security of the system. Below are some of the responsibilities handled by Network Security Engineer:

  • Planning, monitoring security arrangements and engineering for the protection of the network systems.
  • Creating various ways to solve the existing threats and security issues.
  • Identifying, defining monitoring, and the requirements of the overall security of the system.
  • Implementing and configuring intrusion detection systems and firewalls.
  • Checking and testing the system for weaknesses in hardware and software.
  • Maintaining virtual private networks, firewalls, email security and web protocols.
  • Creating threat and virus detection systems.
  • Installing and configuring security infrastructure devices.
  • Determining latest processes and technologies so as to improve the overall security of the system.
  • Developing tracking documents to note system vulnerabilities.
  • Reporting the security analysis and monitoring findings.
  • Supervising the installation and configuration of new hardware and software.
  • Implementing regulatory systems in accordance with IT security.
  • Modifying the legal, technical and regulatory aspects of the system security.
  • Defining and maintaining security policies.

Career Path for Network Security Engineer:

Some of the Designations offered by various organizations to the network security expert are:

  • FCA (Forensic Computer Analyst)
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Architecting on Security Infrastructure
  • Analyst on computer security
  • Security Engineer in IT
  • Consultant on Security IT
  • Tester on penetration

India is the IT Hub of Asia; Network Security is an in-demand job. The Scope of Network Security in India is vast. Many MNC’s companies are always looking for skilled candidates to join them.

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