Scope of Information Technology

Information Technology is, “the study or use of electronic equipment, especially computers, for storing, accessing, analyzing and sending information” according to Oxford Learner Dictionary.

With the initialization of “Digital India”, demand of Information Technology has increased tremendously. To meet the growing demands of societal needs Information Technology has played a crucial role and retained its supremacy in the industry. IT has transformed many aspects of business, social interaction, healthcare, education and many more.

An IT professional is responsible for selecting, installing and maintaining hardware and software products to meet organizational needs.

Some of the impact of Information Technology:

Cloud Computing:

IBM defines Cloud Computing as “computing as a service over the Internet that allows storing of great volumes of data, sans the possibility of losing the same”. Cloud computing with the help of Information Technology capitalizes its ability to provide improved agility and time and resource management for businesses.

Automation of Business Processes:

Automation of Business Processes is the processes that allow businesses to cut costs and increase productivity.

Automated processes for businesses are developed with the help of Information technology. Processes like tracking metrics, billing, monitoring certain processes, collecting customer data, etc. can be automated easily using Information Technology

Working Remotely:

With the implementation of information technology, one has the ability to remotely access the company’s network. This equips employees with the ability to get the work done even if they are not physically present at the workplaceand improve the work efficiency.

Mobile Technology:

Mobile technology convenience, efficiency and speed had made great impact in the business industry. Mobile Technology gained popularity with the rise of information technology,

Business communication has reached new level with the Mobile technology takes business communication to a whole new level.

Open Source Software

Any computer software with its source available for modification is Open-source software (OSS). The programmers can change the software in any way they choose and can improve functions fix bugs or adapt the software to suit their own needs.

Information Technology has led many organization free usage of various open source software

Scope of Information Technology in different fields:

  • Cyber police officer (inspects information and financial theft)
  • Virtual reality engineer (creates computer worlds)
  • Consultant on the security of a personal profile (responsible for the security of personal data of the client and his positive image on the network)
  • Web Developer and Designer (responsible for the design, layout and coding of a website
  • Database Manager (Maintains database performance by troubleshooting problems)
  • Software Developer
  • Software Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst

Certainly, IT industry is one of the fast growing fields and great choice for those searching professional development, new skills or for self-employments. When aspirant joins Dronacharya Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida to study engineering in Information Technology, then he or she unwind the best employment opportunities.

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