Artificial Intelligence: Scope and Career Opportunity

“Artificial Intelligence: The science and engineering of making intelligent machines” coined by John McCarthy (Father of AI) in 1956.

Artificial Intelligence has brought a revolution in technology. As we are aware of the fact behind every human creation, engineering is involved and with AI Engineering, possibilities are endless.

The vast area of artificial intelligence has made great strides in almost all of its standard sub-areas, including speech recognition and generation, natural language processing (concept and generation), vision, imaging and video, multi-agent systems, planning, decision-making and integration of vision and motor control for robotics.  Some of the recent applications of AI haveemerged in a number of areas including medical diagnostic, games, logistics systems, autonomous management, language translation and interactive personal assistance.

What are the Components of AI

There are different components of AI that contribute towards creating software that is efficient in nature. Important components of AI are –

  1. Learning
  2. Perception
  3. Problem –Solving
  4. Reasoning
  5. Language understanding.

Benefits of AI:

In the past five years, use of AI has been increased. AI is now becoming the part of daily lives. From giving suggestion on search engines to robot greeters to auto focus in smartphones or vehicle cruise control, AI is involved. The scope of AI is

enormous and will continue changing the world in various ways in near future. Below are some of benefits of AI:

  1. Automation
  2. Medical Advances
  3. Research and Data Analysis
  4. Solving Complex Problems
  5. Accuracy.
  6. Increased Business Efficiency

What are the risk associated with AI:

Some of the risk that is associated with AI is:

  1. High Implementation Cost
  2. Human Replication

Scopes of Artificial Intelligence :

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence gained popularity as the concept has empowered search engines, automatic vehicles, voice recognition software’s etc.

AI has found a special place in folk’s homes as a Smart Home Assistants. Like Google Home and Amazon Echo are prominent smart home devices that allow perform various tasks with just voice commands. Some other example include: One can order groceries, play music, or even switch on/off the lights in rooms with voice commands.

Now many organizations are opting for AI automation, the future of artificial intelligence is radiant in India. Nowadays medical and aviation sectors are also using AI to improve their services. In looming years AI is definitely going to surpass human efforts hence reducing the cost of any business ultimately with the use of AI automation.

AI in Science and Research

Large quantities of data can be handled by Artificial Intelligence and could be processed quicker than human minds.  Thus for all the research work where source contain huge volume of Data, AI is perfect option. Drug discovery is a fast-growing sector, and AI is supporting the researchers considerably in this regard.

AI in Transport

Many companies are developing autonomous vehicles, which will rely heavily on AI and machine language to operate optimally. Experts believe that self-driving cars will lower harmful emissions and enhance road safety. For example, self-driving cars will be free from human errors, which account for 90% of traffic accidents. Many companies, such as Tesla and Uber, are developing these vehicles.

AI in Healthcare

AI is helping medical researchers and professionals in numerous ways for instance finding. Healthcare industries are using AI for faster and improved diagnosis.Autonomous surgical robots, automated image diagnosis, virtual nursing assistants, and dosage error reduction are some of the examples where AI has played important role for the technological advancements in the health sector.

AI in Education

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the ways of teaching and learning. Some of the automation that AI play in education are: Task Automation, Personalized learning, Universal access, Smart content creation, Identify classroom weakness, 24/7 Assistance.

AI in Entertainment

Entertainment industry will become more personalized, engaging, personalized in future by the use AI. Proliferation in the use of sensors and hardware will witness virtual reality and companion robots increasingly enter the home. Moreover, user would be able to interact with entertainment systems conversationally.

AI in Robotics

The robots will make use of the Cloud connection to share data for accelerated learning. Moreover, the use of low-cost 3D sensors will aid in speeding up the development of perpetual technology. Also, robots will be able to better interact with humans, owing to progress in speech comprehension techniques.

AI in Space Exploration

Space Exploration will become comparatively easier using AI. Space Vehicles powered by AI can recognize any obstacles like craters and thus find safe path of travel around them.  At the time of emergency, AI help astronauts identify and prevent problems before they occur.

AI in Agriculture

Overall harvest quality and accuracy in agriculture is being improved viaapplication of AI– known as precision agriculture. Detection of diseases in plants, pests and poor nutrition of farms can be accomplished using AI technology. Weeds could be detected and targeted using AI sensors and then herbicide to be applied within the region could be decided. This results in reduced usage of herbicides and cost savings. Many technological companies developed robots, which use computer sight and AI to monitor and precisely spray on weeds.

Career in Artificial Intelligence

One should analyze one’s competencies and skills and adopt a better AI role in order to grow in their career with time. The future scope of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow due to new job roles and advancements in the AI field.

  • Computational Philosopher – A computational philosopher is concerned with up skilling human ethics and values in AI algorithms. For instance, if a robot is being developed for household chores, it should be designed to listen and follow orders from its employer.
  • Robotics– Designing the digital personality of a machine/robot and training machine/robot to follow instructions and obey obstacles.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Designer – An autonomous vehicle designer develops digital interfaces that help them work independently
  • AI Cyber Security Expert – An AI Cyber Security expert develops algorithms that can identify the theft/risk associated with the system and take requisite actions to eliminate it autonomously.
  • Gamer – AI bought responsiveness and adaptiveness in gaming world. The interactive experiences generated by non- player characters via AI act creatively or intelligently as if operated by a human gene player.
  • Natural Language Processing – Fromchatbots to virtual assistants to predictive texting on smartphones, AI tools have been passed down to replicate human speech in a variety of layouts and to do this effectively, developers call upon the gripping of natural language processers i.e. the individuals who have both the skills required to assist in the constitution of these tools i.e. language and technology.

Artificial Intelligence has colossal potential to change each sector of the economy in the interest of society. It’s not just one or two technologies under AI but there are numerous technologies such as self-improving algorithms, machine learning, big data, and pattern recognition. Soon, there would hardly be any industry or sector which would be unscathed by this powerful tool in India. Study AIML from Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida, one of the Best Engineering College and kick start your career in most appealing and in demand technology.

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