Why Choose Engineering???

Albert Einstein said “scientist investigates that which already exists but engineer create that which has never been “

There is plethora of options available for the students after 12th standard. Every student and their parents are puzzled among the options available as this is regarding student career which can change theirlife.

For thestudent who has great interest in discovering more for this innovative technological world can opt for Engineering as a career.

In todays world, technology is revolving around us or we are living in the era where machines become need of our life’s.Any student who wants to know this world of machines and how these technology works, engineering is best suited for them.  Engineering requires ability to think logically and curiosity to explore more.

Scope of Engineering in Different Field

Engineering is not a choice to make rather a decision to take to be the one behind so much of the innovations, taking from boiling kettle to flying aero plane, Engineers have existence. Some of the most common industry where engineers marked their presence includes

  • ICT
  • Automobile
  • Defence
  • Health care
  • Energy
  • Research

Different Engineering Branch :

Deciding the branch of engineering can be somewhat difficult for youngsters.  Choosing an engineering branch is a tightrope walk with the countless options laid out in front of any student.

Every branch has opportunity and scope. The scope keep changing as new trends, technologies and requirements emerge year to year.  Here is the list of some of the engineering branches that you can opt for based on your interests and skills.

Electronics & Computer EngineeringThis is an inter-discipline program that is a combination of two courses (Electronics and computer).  This gives student excellence in both the branches and prepares them for a wide range of career- IT sector, core companies or Govt. Sector.

Electronics and Communication:Electronics and Communications Engineering involves researching, designing, developing and testing of electronic equipment used in various systems. This  branch deals with analog transmission, basic electronics, microprocessors, solid state devices, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, microwave engineering, radar , IOT, satellite communication, antennae and wave progression.

Computer Science & IT:For the students who want to take up either computer science or Information Technology but are confused in between two can opt for CSIT (Computer Science & Information Technology). The branch has more advantage as it covers core subjects of both the branches.

Electrical and Electronics :Electrical engineers work to design, develop, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.Electrical Engineers use physics, electronics, control system and electromagnetism, power transmission to design devices that are powered by or produce electricity.

Computer ScienceStudents who can think logically can opt for this course. In this branch you willexplore broad areas including software development, algorithms, networking, graphics, data analysis and gain a deep understanding of the theory, design and application of computer science and develop new technologies.

Information Technology –   Information Technology branch is for the students having interest in how programming language can be used in different ways. Information Technology Engineer implement computing solutions for real world problems and carry out basic and applied research leading to new innovations in software development and related interdisciplinary areas.

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