Augmented Reality Solutions

In this era rapidly expanding industry, everything is possible.  Advancements of technology in almost every sector have massively funnelled with the development of two major technologies – Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a technology in computer programming that superimposes a computer-generated image, sound, text and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience.

Fascinating use cases for Augmented Reality

From education to retail, AR finds its presence in almost every industry. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and many more is working on AR- glasses. Some of the more reachable Augmented Reality experiences are listed below:

Medical Sciences

Presently Augmented Reality Solutions offers room for lots of improvements in medical science. Even existing medical technology are improved because of AR experiences that make doctors work easier.

Sometimes CT scans and X-Rays are hard to analyse by physicians. But with the help of AR, CT scans had a “real-world view” that helps doctors actually see under the skin. This enables doctors to know exactly where to inject and make proper incisions.

In case of emergency, First Aid Information may be displayed and with Augmented Reality pointing out things they would need to do.

Doctors will be able to understand the patient’s problems with input from Augmented Reality in medical science.


Education sector is massively transformed with AR solutions. Augmented Reality enables people to have in- depth knowledge of the topic they study.

Augmented Reality makes it easy for students to deal concentrated acids for their chemical reactions, better understanding of planetary arrangement.

AR solutions also help the skilled professional in doing their job with extreme precision that traditionally would have required a lot of effort.

Remote Connection

Sometimes it is difficult for the team members working at different places to communicate with each other’s. It is troublesome on one side to convey what you are implying or suggesting and on the other side it is also difficult to understand. With the help of AR teams members can connect to each other’sregardless where they are present.

Tourism, Art, and Culture:

Augmented Reality solutions also find its imprints in Tourism Industry.  While walking in a museum AR apps like Google Culture shows you relevant information withAR there is no need foran actual expensive guide. Mixing traditional guiding sites like TripAdvisor and Google Trips, and mixing their suggested itinerary to provide actual guides will dramatically lead to a more immersive Augmented Reality experience.

Art can also be evolved. Anyone can be an artist. Imagine having dotted lines indicating what to draw and you just have to follow the lines. Seems nifty, right? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done with present day technologies.


Augmented Reality brings a revolution in the area of infrastructure. Repairing or building public places require a huge amount of work and AR can help simplify them.

Blueprints can be envisioned before they are made with AR solutions coming up. Changes can be seen beforehand if blueprint missed on something


Online shopping is always a difficult and confusing task. Many of us are confused about size and colour. This can be managed with Augmented Reality. So now before purchasing clothes you can view how a particular clothes look at you.

AR gives solutions to buy any of the things like furniture, Grocery, Makeup etc.Tattoos and hair transplantation can also be visualized beforehand.

 Social and Gaming

With AR solutions meeting old friends if doesn‘t belong to same city or country is possible withoutactually meeting or leaving your comfort zone AR also helps in remembering the names of people.

Gaming in Augmented Reality is also on the rise. Augmented Reality gaming is trending ever since Pokemon Go made a head-bang.  Many games are coming with the help of AR capabilities.

Commercial productivity and work

Augmented Reality will change the traditional opinion of workplaces. Augmented Reality can relocate offices from a cubicle to a beach or a mountain resort without missing on productivity. As Bloomberg pointed out last year, AR can and will transform our notion of workplaces.

Augmented Reality glasses can pin reminders into real objects and boost visualization. This feature makes organizing things much simpler.

With AR solutions task management ability becomes better. Handling files, emails, folders will be easy because of ability to mix digital items with the physical one.

The whole control system will be upgraded. It’s much easier to communicate with objects in the real world. This capability provides more ability to object authority to the people, furnishing a world full of open opportunities.

Project Augmented Reality Smart Glasses” made by students of Dronacharya  won first prize and received certificates along with Rs 1,00,000  cash prize  At FAER McAfee Scholar Award Program 2019.

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