Listen to the Web Pages:Google Assistant Will soon Read Webpages for you

Google at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 come up with the latest feature: “Google Assistant will soon be able to read Web Pages to you. This helps user to enjoy web articles in the form of podcast. It can brief the whole website and can save time of the users.

How this Works:

For using this features users simply have to load a web page, which they want Google Assistant to read, and say “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page” on their Android device. Google Assistant, then will read it back to you. Google is also hoping to incorporate additional tools, such as auto-scroll function and text highlighting features. These features will help users to follow the exact text or line which the assistant would be reading.


If the content on website is written in the language which user can’t read, it will translate the text from one of the 42 languages before reading which user can understand.

This feature is built on new voice datasets to create more expressive and more natural sounding voices. So it’s easier to listen for a longer period of time.

Visually impaired people are the one, most benefitted by this Google feature.

Google announcement is grab-bag features and integrations:

  1. Google Assistant can Delete command from history: If user doesn’t want Assistant to retain, for example: the past week’s activity, user can tell it, “Hey Google deletes everything I said to you this week.”
  2. Digital sticky notes on Smart Display: User can leave notes for the rest of household to view without anyone needing to sign in.
  3. Unintended commands can be Instant Deleted: If user wants Google Assistant to disregard something it misinterpreted as a command, just say, “Google, that was not for you.”
  4. Faster setup of smart home devices: If user setting up new devices using the device Android companion app, Google Assistant will jump in and walk you through the process, even logging you in with you Google credentials.
  5. Interpreter mode expanded: Google Assistant’s instant machine translation will be compatible with Volara and Sonifi integrated systems found in airports, banks, events stadiums and hotels.
  6. Schedule Actions: This was expected that when users want to schedule one off task with Google Assistant. Then they can simply schedule a task in the future by asking Google Assistant to do it for you. Like, by saying “Hey Google, turn off the TV at 6 Pm”; the connected device will perform the command at that time mentioned.
  7. “Speed dial” of Top contacts on Smart Display: You can designate certain contacts so that anyone in your household can call them simply by speaking a voice command or by tapping the contact listing on the Smart Display.
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