Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

In a broad sense, Electronics and Communication refers to the sending, receiving and processing of information by electronic means. It is  the discipline of engineering which utilizes active electrical and non-linear component to design electronic  devices, circuits and Microprocessors.

The magnificence of Electronics and Communication lies in its ubiquity! Electronic devices have become a major part of our lives. With technological evolution, Electronics and Communication has become an important discipline required by every other industry.  Now the significance of Electronics and Communication discipline is determined all around the world.

Development of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been the major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution.  With the advancements in optical fiber technology, microelectronics and satellite digital and analog in communication techniques have resulted in developing electronics devices, complex circuits and equipment’s capable of implementing efficient and fast telecommunication systems. Recent advancements in broad band technologies have made possible real time transfer of audio and video signals. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionized other areas like instrumentation, health care, automation, signal processing, remote sensing etc.

Different analog and digital modulation techniques used for communication, equipment’s and systems involved in wireless communications, computer communication, design and development of microelectronic circuits for computation and processing satellite and optical communication technologies, and networking, components and systems for electronic instrumentation and control etc form major content of the course.

The course also covers the study of programming skills and application of computers in signal processing and communication, hardware and interfacing of computer systems. Graduates in Electronics and Communication Engineering have opportunities in private and Government companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipment’s and systems.

Space defense and many different research organizations employ EC engineers in design and development of complex devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication. Industries involved in integrated circuits, electronic equipment’s embedded systems, design and fabrication of devices, etc have also provide large scale placements for ECE specialization engineers .

The installation and maintenance of electronic equipment’s used for automation systems of assembly line in production industries, equipment’s & systems for instrumentation and control in process industries, health care in hospitals are handled by Electronics Engineers.

Knowledge of networking equipment’s computer hardware and communication systems enable electronics & communication engineering graduate to annexes an edge in the IT job market. The understanding and skills developed in the course enable ECE students to be preferred, as software professionals by IT companies also.

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