Mechanical Engineering

From Nanorobots to Aircraft Engines

Mechanical Engineering provides the basis of the work where electronics, physics, mechanics thermodynamics meet and where systems and processes are planned, calculated and developed.

Mechanical Engineers can develop products ranging from tiny micro sensors for medical technology and highly efficient energy plants to applications for automotive and aircraft. They even use computers to design new machine tools.

  • To Become a Centre of Excellence in teaching and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering for producing skilled professionals having a zeal to serve society.
  • M1: To create an environment where students can be equipped with strong fundamental concepts.
  • M2: To provide an exposure to emerging technologies by providing hands on experience for generating competent professionals.
  • M3: To promote Research and Development in the frontier areas of Mechanical Engineering and encourage students for pursuing higher education.
  • M4: To inculcate in students ethics, professional values, team work and leadership skills.
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