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Academic Calendar (EVEN Semesters) Session 2022 - 23
(January - July 2023)

Event/Academic Activities Date Day
1 Registration and Commencement of Classes (B.Tech. 6th & 8th Semester and MBA 4th Semester) 13th February 2023 Monday
2 Women's Day Celebration 8th March 2023 Wednesday
3 Project Review 8th Semester 10th March 2023 & 11th March 2023 Friday - Saturday
4 Commencement of Classes for 2nd and 4th Semester students of B. Tech / MBA (Tentative) 27th March 2023 Monday
5 First Sessional Test (B. Tech. 6th Semester) 27th March 2023 To 1st April 2023 Monday - Saturday
6 Annual Sports Week 20th April 2023 To 22nd April 2023 Thursday - Saturday
7 Department Technical Event 28th April 2023 & 29th April 2023 Friday - Saturday
8 Final Project Submission 8th Semester 5th May 2023 Friday
9 First Sessional Test (B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester) 15th May 2023 To 20th May 2023 Monday - Saturday
10 Pre University Test (B. Tech. 6th Semester & 8th Semester) 15th May 2023 To 20th May 2023 Monday - Saturday
11 Parents Teacher Meet-I (B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester) 27th May 2023 Saturday
12 Last Teaching Day (B. Tech. 6th Semester & 8th Semester) 3rd June 2023 Saturday
13 University Theory Examination B. Tech. 6th Semester & 8th Semester (Tentative) Second week of June 2023 --
14 Pre University Test (B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester) (Tentative) 26th June 2023 To 1st July 2023 Monday - Saturday
15 Parents Teacher Meet-II (B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester) 8th July 2023 Saturday
16 Last Teaching Day (B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester) 15th July 2023 Saturday
17 University Theory Examination B. Tech./MBA 2nd Semester & 4th Semester (Tentative) Fourth week of July 2023 --


  • Monday to Friday and 1st Saturday of month will be working days for all the students.
  • 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month will be off days.
  • Industrial visits to be planned on Fridays only. May plan on Saturdays if unavoidable.
  • Marks of Teacher's Assessment in each Theory Subject would be adjudged on the basis of answers of the questions given during each delivered lecture. Separate Note Book to be maintained for each subject.
  • Assessment of the Experiments for Practical Subjects in the Labs will be on regular basis.
  • All the Sessional Examinations are compulsory.
  • Students are required to maintain at least 75% Attendance in Theory as well as Practical subjects as per University norms.
  • Every 3rd Saturday there will be departmental review of Project/Research work/Research Paper.
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