"Respect For Rules Creates A Culture of Responsibility, Integrity And Accountabili"


Discipline and Code of Conduct

Discipline is synonymous of the Dronacharyan tradition. Every care is taken to maintain an ideal discipline and to make it a primary part of our work culture. We believe that nothing substantive can be achieved without a true spirit of discipline. Our academic environment is nurtured on discipline. This happens to be the fore-most trait to enable us to impart quality education and to produce meritorious results. The entire code of conduct requires absolute sense of obedience and subordination to the Department Head and the Faculty concerned. However, any act of indiscipline, misconduct or irresponsible behaviour will invite strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Institute.

Dress Code

  • White Shirt & Black Trouser OR Sky Blue Shirt & Navy Blue Trouser with Formal Shoes.
  • The College follows a dress code for all students of B.Tech and MBA course on all official occasions such as Seminars / Workshops / Industrial Visits / Placement activities / Guest Lectures, etc.
  • On all such occasions, it is mandatory for students to abide by the dress code.


75 % Attendance (*) is compulsory both in Lectures and Tutorials as per the University norms. Students falling short of the requisite attendance are detained from the Semester Exams.

*10% relaxation on medical issues & 5% relaxation on academic performance

Library Rules

  • Library card will be issued to all the students by the Librarian. Students will show his/her admission receipt in the library to get his/her library membership form. Filled up form will be deposited with the Librarian within three days. Two color photographs should also be attached.
  • Library Card is mandatory for issuing the books.
  • A student with a Membership Library Card is entitled to draw 5 books for 45 days from the Library and is personally responsible for the books so taken by him/her.
  • Personal belongings are not allowed and may be kept at the counter provided at the entrance of the Library.
  • Use of mobile is strictly prohibited inside the Library.

Notice Board

Students must take note of all notices displayed on the Notice Board for information and compliance. Failure to read the notices displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for its non-compliance. Students must also visit the college web-site, , from time to time and take note of all the information and circulars.

Financial Support to wining projects by the college

  • Project that wins the First Position National/International will be awarded Rupees Fifty Thousand.
  • Project that wins the Second Position National/International will be awarded Rupees Twenty Five Thousand.
  • Project Guide/Mentor will be awarded Rupees Twenty Five Thousand - Rupees Fifty Thousand Depends on the Level of Project.

Sponsorship for International Travel for Research Paper Presentation

Travel and Accommodation Expenses of Students of 1st Year and 2nd Year along with Faculty Member for presenting paper internationally are sponsored by the college.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Travel Expense : AC III Tier Train Fare or any other mode of transport, whichever is lesser. (From Delhi to Nearest Railway Station of Venue and back).
  • Stay : Rs.500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred) per night (Day/s of event and Max. 1 day prior to the event).
  • Food : Rs.200.00 (Rupees Two Hundred) per day (Day/s of event and Max. 1 day prior to the event).
  • 1st Prize Winners: 100% as per detail above.
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize Winners: 50% as per detail above.
  • No reimbursement shall be given for consolation prize and mere participation.
  • Faculty members accompanying students on above mentioned trips shall be reimbursed total expenditure.

In order to encourage students to participate at different platforms for project competitions and paper presentations, following criteria has been framed for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the students:

Prior approval from concerned authorities - (HOD, Advisor R&D and Director) is a MUST for participation.

Admission Helpline
Admission Helpline - +91-9910380115