• To prepare students for full and ethical participation in a diverse society and encouragelifelong learning by following the principle of ‘Shiksha evam Sahayata’ i.e. Educationand Help.
  • To impart high-quality education, knowledge and technology through rigorous academicprograms, cutting-edge research, and industry collaborations, with a focus on producing engineers and managers who are socially responsible, globally aware, and equipped toaddress complex challenges.
  • Educate students in the best practices of the field as well as integrate the latest research into the academics.
  • Provide quality learning experiences through effective classroom practices, innovative teaching practices, and opportunities for meaningful interactions between students andfaculty.
  • To devise and implement programmes of education in technology and management thatare relevant to the changing needs of society, in terms of breadth of diversity and depth of specialization.
Admission Helpline
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