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Ms. Mamta Tomar
Gandhian Philosophy of Sustainability
 International Conference on Gandhian Values: Sustainability &Corporate Governance (GV:SCG- 2011) on 9th October, 2011.
Mr. Sourabh Ghosh
Modeling and Analysis of Parallel-Series Topology for Wireless Power Transfer System
 International Conference on ICT for Digital, Smart and Sustainable Development at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
Ms. Mamta Tomar
Importance of Ethics in Management
  International Conference on Emerging Paradigms and Practice in Information & Communication Technology and Management (2012 EPPICTM).
Dr. Neelam Ruhil ; Mrs. Poonam Yadav
Mobile Security Enhancement
International Conference on (“Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking -WiSPNET”) held at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai on 24th March 2016
Dr. Neelam Ruhil ; Mrs. Poonam Yadav
“QOS in Manet using Swarm Intelligence”
4th International Conference on “Recent Innovations Science, Engineering and Management” held at India International Centre, New Delhi on 20th March 2016
Chandra Mukherjee ; Parul Bansal
Analysis of Cardiac Health Using Chaotic Theory
International Conference on Recent Trends In Engineering Science and Management (ICRTESM) 15th March 2015 at JNU, New Delhi
Parul Bansal ; Poonam Yadav
Analysis of Inventory System using SciLab
International Conference on Innovation Techniques in Engineering & Management, ICITEM 2015 on 5/2/2015 at Surya Group of Institutions, Lucknow
Mr. Chandan Choubey
Grey Wolf Optimization Based Trajectory Generation Of Parallel Manipulator
 International Conference On Communication And Computing System, Taylor & Francis Publication. (Apr-21)
Mr. Chandan Choubey ; Dr. Arpita Gupta
The Opportunities and challenges in the future of wireless communication (6G)
International Conference on Communication and Computing system, Taylor & Francis Publication 0n 21st-22nd OCTOBER 2020
Mr. Sumit
Cross border power trading Model For South Asian Competitive Electricity Market
International Conference “DEEM 2011”, Chitkara University, Punjab, July 2011
Parul Bansal
Raspberry Pi based Solar Camera for City Surveillance
4th International Conference on Science, Technology and Management (ICSTM 2016) on 15th May 2016
Priyanka Mahani
Classification Techniques for Texture Images Using Neuroph Studio
5th International Conference on Soft computing for Problem Solving (SocPros-2015)
Poonam Yadav
An Empirical Study of Mobile Software Engineering to Improve Cloud Computing Environment
International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT-2015), Amritsar sponsored by PTU, ISTE & CSIon 5/12/2015 at Global Institutes, Amritsar
Chandra Mukherjee
An analytical Evaluation of Heart Rate Variability and Its Implication
International Conference STEER 2014, New Delhi, India, 10-11 May 14 at Hotel Bluemoon, New Delhi
Chandra Mukherjee
Application of Chaotic Theory for Analysis of Cardiac Health
International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research and Technological Developments (IRTD 2014), Chandigarh, 1 Nov 14 at PTU, Chandigarh
Akanksha Kulshreshtha
dispersion compensation byshifting the zero dispersion wavelength
International conference on “Emerging Trends In Engineering & Technology” on 26th Nov 2010 at JNU, Jaipur
Akanksha Kulshreshtha
UART – The Conversion Between Parallel And Serial Data At Specific Rate
International conference on “Emerging Trends In Engineering & Technology” on 26th Nov 2010 at JNU, Jaipur
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